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    Since you are here we either have a common interest, or you are seeking information on some of the obscure things that I collect, or aspire to collect. Please note that this site is under construction! And it will be under construction for some time. It has taken me many years to amass my collection of unusual automotive related stuff and the documentation that goes with it. It will take me a while to put it all together in some sort of usable format so bear with me. If you see something I may have missed or have additional information you are willing to share please let me know, I want to provide as much information as possible and I am sure that I don't have it all. If you are interested in receiving an email when I have completed each new page on this site be sure and sign my guest book. I can not answer all of your questions but I will give it a good shot!

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Steering Wheel Clocks

Lots of information and pictures about self-winding steering wheel watches made by the Swiss watch firms Benrus and Maar for Chrysler products, VW and Oldsmobile cars of the 50s and 60s. With Names like Moparmatic, Chryslermatic, Desotomatic, Dodgematic and Plymouthmatic. These mounted in the steering wheels or horn ring and the clock was wound by the turning action of the wheel under normal driving conditions.

Automotive Record Players

Info and pictures about under dash mounted record player options available in cars of the 1950s and 60s before the 8 track tapes. Names like Highway Hi Fi by Columbia, RCA Victor, ARC, Sears, Phelps and Norelco. These gave you the freedom of choice in music in your car that we take for granted today with CD's, digital media and even satelite radio.

My Cars

I have sold my Adventurers and I bought a Pair of Australian UTEs (Utility coupes) both were 1956 manufacture but based on the 1954 Plymouth American production sedan. I sold the Plymouth but have kept the Desoto The utes were only available in Australia and had been built there since 1934, long before we got the Ford Ranchero and Chevrolet ElCamino here in the states

Parts I Want For My Cars

Parts that I am looking for! Things I would like to have or need to complete my restoration. Many of them have the MoPar part numbers in case you have N.O.S. parts and don't know what they fit, I have also listed out some of the Girling and Lucas part numbers for parts made for Chrysler corporation Australia.

MoPar Parts Identification Service

After years of clearing out old Chrysler, Desoto, Plymouth and Dodge dealership inventories around the Midwest I have acquired a large assortment of MoPar parts books! If you have New Obsolete Stock parts but don't know what they fit. Fill out the form with the part numbers, and I will look them up!

Autolite Parts Identification Service

Just like the MoPar parts books I have collected many 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s vintage (pre Ford) Auto-lite parts books in order to determine what the parts I found would fit. If you have vintage Autolite parts still in the original packaging send me the numbers and I will see what I can do!

Tips On Finding Old Automobile Dealerships In Your Area

I collect and restore Desoto automobiles and to do this you need to be creative in how you find parts for them or you won't go far! These are some of the tricks that I have used to find old Desoto dealerships and their parts inventories. (Also works for memorabilia and whole cars). Take them with a grain of salt or don't take the at all, But they worked for me. The stuff is out there but you have to find it! It won't come knocking on your door

Desoto Dealer List

Names of ex Desoto dealerships from all 50 states, information gathered from years of research. Listed by state, town, dealership name and sometimes employee names. Like an old treasure map! It will still require some digging but you may find some very neat stuff. And if you do don't forget who sent you.

Dealer Magazines

Just a small gathering of images and descriptions of magazines published by Chrysler corp. for its dealer network, and some for distribution to the general public as propaganda. Either way they are a great source of information.

Dealer Jewelry

One of my little addictions! Collecting Desoto and other MoPar Dealer award jewelry. Those little things they used to have for the dealers and salesmen that were not intended for distribution to the general public. And some after-market and modern pieces just because they are nice too!

Forward Look Stuff

The styling insignia designed by Virgil Exner (Chrysler's chief stylist of the late 50s and early 60s) that was representative of the new styling starting in late 1955 but really took off in 1957. Modified versions of this insignia were still in use till the mid 60s

Desoto Truck

Yes Desoto division did make trucks! And they are still being made in turkey! For the most part they were a dodge with different name badge made for the export market. The same kind of thing they did for the Canadian market with the Fargo line.

Dinky Desotos

Miniature Desoto cars made by dinky of England and others with Johan (made promo cars for the factory) page to come later

Desoto Diplomat

Basically a Plymouth body with Desoto front clips, trim and nameplates made for the export market. Here are some pictures of a rare 1958 diplomat convertible that was originally exported to Hawaii. (Hawaii became a state in 1959) I have also included some other diplomat literature pieces and photos.

Oddball Accessories

Ever seen a cigarette dispensing steering wheel? Mirrormatic automatic day night rear view mirror or an autronic eye automatic headlight dimmer? How about a razor that plugs into the cigarette lighter? And other odd ball accessory items offered by dealers in the past.


North of the border! Canada's version of the Chrysler corporation. Some of the things they did different. Like Fargo trucks, Dodge Mayfair etc.

Misc. Memorabilia

Things that just did not fit well into the other categories


He pitched Desotos and Plymouths for years on radio and television shows like you bet your life the most famous of the Marx brothers helps to sell the cars.

Junior cars of the 50s and 60s (powered promotional cars)

Click the link above If you came here to find information on JR cars I have moved all of that information to my new website
Everything about Desoto Firemite, Divco jR, Yardman Corvette, Edsel Youngstar, all powercar products (Plymouth Fury JR, Mustang JR, Thunderbird JR, Mercury JR "big M"), Pontiac JR by Silvestri art studios, Barry Toycraft Corvette and Donalson Sunliner Powered promotional products have all moved to the new website. Just click on the wide image or link above to go there.

The Binder Desoto collection

Click the link above to see the binder Desoto collection from start (1929) to finish (1961) He had at least one of every year of production.
All hidden away in Spencer Iowa before the collection was sold at no reserve on October 20th, 2007 see The results of the auction
Chris Binder was a car buddy of mine and a fellow Desoto collector I knew for many years.
I hated to see the collection seperated to all corners of the globe but I am glad the cars are getting the attention they deserve in the hands of the new owners.

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