Parts wanted for my car

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A batch of Australian cars and trucks circa 1956 see the UTE in the middle?

My 56 Plymouth UTE

Desoto roof emblem

Lucas horn relay

Desoto Diplomat front fender trim ends

Lucas Horn left side

heater block off plate

Girling remote reserviour cap

Lucas starter soleniod

     With the purchase of my UTEs I am in the need of many parts.
many of the parts used are based off of the American production 1954 Plymouth 4-door sedan. some of the major differences are Girling brake master cylinders and Lucas electrical parts (12-volt positive ground system). If you are in Australia and have a 1954-57 vintage Desoto Diplomat or Plymouth that you are parting out I would love to hear from you!

Lucas parts wanted!
Distributor parts (dizzy) DM6A O 40506A

420974 Vacuum advance
418857 Distributor cap
418731 Distributor rotor counter clockwise
419645 Sundry parts set (whatever that is)
Vacuum advance 1

vacuum advance 2

vacuum advance 3

26100A M45G Starter parts wanted

271305 bracket comm end
255491 bushing comm end
54251057 sleeve and drive head
291426 pinion and barrel or sleeve
291550 spring pinion retaining
291448 main spring
291034 spring cushioning
271943 bracket drive end
256112 bushing drive end
256762 sundry parts set (whatever that is)

Other Lucas parts wanted

12BT68 Battery (I don't expect to find a NOS battery but would like to know what it looked like and if reproduction ones are available?)
67401A Ignition coil
37183A Voltage regulator
553921 headlamps 700
554602 Lamp holder headlamp
31277A Headlamp dimmer (dipper) switch
76411 Starter Solinoid fender mounted

the two small chrome tips for the front fenders chrome moldings, same as Canadian production 1954 Desoto Diplomats (pictured on the left)

Left side horn (right side if facing the car) mine has a broken terminal (pictured on the left)

Sunvisor center support braket or complete sunvisor like shown on the cars in the dealer photo and on my plymouth ute (mine is broken)

small Desoto hubcaps in NOS or mint original condition (Astralian production model different from american)

round rear roof emblem used on sedans and UTEs plastic can be bad just need the retainers

orignal tool kit, jack and tyre pump or pictures of originals so I can attempt to find them.

heater delete plate on radiator yoke.

here are some part i would be interested in buying.
the parts numbers come from the 1954-58 Australian Mopar parts book, the number with the A in front of them are Australian production parts. this does not mean that they are different from the American production just that they were made there.

  • A1282240 hubcap Desoto

  • A1329450 front bumper

  • A1358971 diplomat custom nameplate

  • A1359128 rear bumper

  • A1359429 horn relay

  • A1359430 horn high rh

  • A1359431 low note lh

  • A1373136 radiator cap

  • A1462059 dome lamp assembly

  • A1462577 locking gas cap

  • A1462759 license plate lamp assembly

  • A1463033 vacuum advance

  • A1463792 sill molding rh

  • A1463793 sill molding lh

  • A1463976 outside visor

  • A1464436 lens and bezel dome lamp

  • A1464785 parklamp assembly

  • A1465931 ignition coil

  • A1466476 gas cap standard

  • A1466831 hooded headlamp door

  • A1467034 distributor

  • A1467876 brake fluid reserve tank

  • A1467978 bumper guard front right

  • A1467979 bumper guard front left

  • A1469231 high note rh late

  • A1469232 low note lh late

  • A1469738 extension stone deflector rh

  • A1469739 extension stone deflector lh

  • A1469750 fuel tank strap rh

  • A1469753 fuel tank strap lh

  • A1469756 fuel tank strap front (2 req)

  • A1478386 nameplate tailgate

  • A1499139 cable assembly license plate light

  • A1594395 parklamp lenses

  • A1725773 locking gas cap

  • A1726505 muffler ute

  • A1726871 cap for brake fluid reserve tank

  • A1727492 under hood lamp

  • A1892564 heater recirculating type

  • AD17851 starter solinoid

  • D17850/14 starter bendix

  • 1456686 hood top ornament Desoto

  • 1456746 base hood meddalion

  • 1475502 letter D hood

  • 1475503 letter E hood

  • 1475504 letter S hood

  • 1475505 letter O hood

  • 1475506 letter T hood

  • 1541024 molding front fender rh

  • 1541025 molding front fender lh

  • 1541039 fender extension molding rh

  • 1541040 fender extension molding lh

  • 1541095 extension molding rh

  • 1541096 extension molding lh

  • 1542266 stone deflector rh

  • 1542267 stone deflector lh

  • 1542552 rear qtr finish molding rh

  • 1542553 rear qtr finish molding lh

  • 1593566 qtr finish rh

  • 1593567 qtr finish lh

Girling brake parts wanted:
  • 64067522 Brake master cylinder

  • 64067541 Clutch master cylinder

  • SP1974 Brake Master cylinder repair kit

  • SP1975 Clutch master cylinder repair kit
  • 3010224 Clutch slave cylinder

  • SPO2016 Clutch slave cylinder repair kit

  • 3700619 Clutch master cylinder hose
  • Resiviour cap (shown on left)

  • E9B1 BBS single barrel carb for American production 1954 Desoto and Chrysler with 6 cylinder

Literature wanted and memorabilia wanted
    1. Original Sales literature for UTEs Desoto, Dodge, Plymouth, Fargo and Chrysler
    2. Photos of dealership taken in the 50s with UTEs on the lot. Will pay for copies!
    3. Original magazine ads for UTEs Desoto, Dodge, Plymouth, Fargo and Chrysler
    4. Chrysler Australia signs
    5. Desoto service sign

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