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Homepage Desoto

Homepage for the national Desoto club
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Home of the forward look

55-61 MoPars galore
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Multi search Search engine for the serious researcher
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Search Spaniel

Run up to 12 search engines at a time
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Yahoo people search

The best way I have found to locate people!
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Laser-sharp imaging

Wher I buy my printer ink cartriges, Cheap and great service
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Chrysler Museum

Need I say more?
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W.P.C. club webpage

National Walter P. Chrysler club webpage
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Chrysler Turkey

Where to go to buy a new Desoto truck
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Welcome to my mis-spelled word file!

These are common and sometimes uncommon ways to mis-spell the primary words on this site! I provide this as a service to the phonically challenged because they are people too! Or maybe they have a typing handicap like myself. Crysler, Chrystler, Christler, Desota, De Sota, Desotoe, Desoda, Dasoda, fibre, fibreglass hiway, hifi, krysler, Mo Par, Peddel, Peddal, Peddle, Plymoth, Plimoth, Plimouth,