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Chryslermatic NOS Salesmans demonstration model

When you sat down with the salesman to buy your new car this would have been on his desk to try and talk you into buying the option and making a little more profit for the dealership.

Note that it does not state 15 Jewels on the face? The demonstrator only used a 1 jewel movement

So reflective it is hard to take a photgraph of it

The clear plastic cover on the back allowed the salesman to show the prospective buyer how the clock worked. Note the demonstrator only used a one jewel movement.

The DK141 (and the DK14 15 jewel movements) used a bump winder mecanism that only moved a little bit back an forth the next generation FA14 spun all the way around.

A well worn salesmans sample clock

No fancy packaging here these were not intended for sale to the public so they just came in a cardboard box wrapped in paper. Hand written on the box is Chryslermatic and 1 jewel along with the date stamps Septmber 24 1956 and October 1 1956 and made in Switzerland

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