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First generation Benrus clocks without series names

These clocks were made for aftermarket sales for cars other than Chrysler and sometimes not cars at all. I was told they were also marketed to the boating market also as a high quality movement to navigate by. This makes some sense when you know that boats like the Chriscraft Capri used a standard 1955 Plymouth car steering wheel so the mountings for that application would also fit the Chris craft boats. Lets face it if your boat hot rod or classic car has a removeable center section one of these can be adapted to fit. I do not follow the foreign car market since they were made in Switzerland what is the chance they were used in that market in a classic Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, MG or Triumph? They were very expensive assembly so I would say it had to be an upscale car. But it would work just as well in a volkswagon, saab or even a DKW who knows?

All the clocks have the same measurements 2 3/4" across maximum width, 2 3/8" across the raised portion that contains the winding mechanism (hole needed to mount flush) 1 1/2" total depth crystal to back cover and 5/8" from ridge were 6 threaded holes are to the top of the dust cover.

Very early edition Benrus in MoParmatic box that has no series name and is not even marked 15 jewels

Very early edition Benrus in MoParmatic box that has no series name

Very early edition Benrus in MoParmatic box that has no series name

Very early edition Benrus in MoParmatic box that has no series name

NOS Benrus plain face with wind indicator

NOS Benrus plain face with wind indicator

Back of NOS plain face with protective cover installed and held on with thick brass ring.

NOS clock in original shipping package.

Original shipping box

Plain face with the wind indicator hand fallen off

Early unit with large Benrus name and an unusual mount?

Early unit with wind indicator at top and it actually tells you how many days it has left to run. The second hand has fallen off and the hands are missing all of the glow in the dark material.

White face with roman numerals

White face with Roman numerals on the face the second hand has fallen off and the pointer on the crystal is black not red and is pointing in not out. There is also no reflective material on the dial or the face.

Here is a DK14 15 jewel movement with the back cover removed. It is a bump wind movement that allows the pendulum to move back and forth just a little bit to wind

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