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Steering wheel clocks offbeat

I like to specialize on selfwinding steering wheel clocks but steering wheel clocks did not start or stop in the 50s. The earliset version I can think of was nothing more than a mount that hooked on a model A era steering wheel and would hold a pocket watch in the mount. Like the stem wound clocks that mounted on the dashes of cars as early as the 20s many steering wheel clocks are stem wound. Pocket watches had their wind stems on the top of the dial at the 12 O'clock position most steering wheel clocks that are stem wound have their stems at the 6 O'clock position.

Kmart blue light special?

1960s or 70s vintage aftermarket that mounts on top of the horn button rather than inside the horn ring. Note the stem for winding at the bottom

Fits most cars from Volkswagens to Cadillacs according to the packaging

That will fit!

Desotomatics are rare and expensive so this owner has found a Quartz? movement that fits

Most people would not know the difference between this one and a real one

Looks like someone with a Volkswagon horn ring found a quartz movement that fits also.

Wrong clock for the application

Here is a second generation benrus steering wheel clock installed in a Chrysler Imperial. The problem is that the car is a one of a kind 1955 Prototype convertible that was made for the big boss at Chrysler. And this movement was not available until late 56 so the shame is that such a high dollar car has the wrong clock installed. It should have a Chryslermatic first series Benrus clock. This is not the only time I have seen this either. Since the FA14 movements are available I have seen them installed in 1955-56 Desoto aplications.

Porsche steering wheel clock?

Porsche steering wheel clock

1950s Porsche banjo steering wheel with clock

Centromatic clock?

close up

Another close up

last close up

Backside of clock in the mount

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