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FA14 Benrus second generation guts images and information

These movements often show up because I suspect they made many more of these than they had orders for clocks. I see these on Ebay on occasion where the seller states that it can just be stuck on the horn ring or neglects to mention that a mounting retainer is needed for any application. They most often come in a cardboard box with another box inside that on and then the tin shipping container. The tin shipping container is not used for any retainers and is for shipping only.

Clock guts sitting in the bottom half of the shipping container

Heavy pendulum that is used to wind the clock during normal driving. If you can remove this when shipping or the mount plate stem can break off if it is dropped

Back of clock guts with winder removed for shipping unlike the first series clocks that had bump winders this pendulum rotates all the way around when the wheel is turned.

Guts and the original shipping tin container

Complete original clock guts with shipping container and boxes

Guts siting on box

One more time

On the left is a 1957-58 Chrysler Desoto steering wheel clock retainer and on the right is an original 57-58 horn ring center. Obviously the clock guts are not just stuck in the back of the original horn ring center, it requires the special retainer. And the 1957-58 Plymouth application is the same. with the center power steering nameplate removed the clock guts just fall through the center hole since the special retainer is needed.

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