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A New Old Stock Benrus Chryslermatic

A New Old Stock Benrus Chryslermatic

Notice how the glow in the dark material is cracking and becoming brittle

The back looks like any other Chrysler product first generation clock

A chunk of the minute hand glow in the dark material has fallen off.

Looks a little dirty but still nice.

Another backside shot

Looks like the crystal needs buffed but it has the mount

3" mount skirt on the back of a Chryslermatic

3" mount adaptor backside see the mounts page for more information

Clock with 3" mount all taken apart

Another Chryslermatic

Same clock no flash

Clock with unknown mount parts

The skirt is standard 3" skirt but I think the hooked clip is from something else?

The skirt is standard 3" skirt but I think the hooked clip is from something else?

2 3/4" mount retainer

Sun faded face

Place description here

Here is a DK14 15 jewel movement with the back cover removed. It is a bump wind movement that allows the pendulum to move back and forth just a little bit to wind

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