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Benrus DK and FA steering wheel clock parts

I'm not even going to try and act like I know what the information means that I am getting ready to type but there are people out there that do so here it goes. I order to try and find replacement parts for Benrus steering wheel watches I have contacted a number of watch and clock repair shops with no success. Then I broke down and purchased a 1960 edition of the Bestfit catalog #111, for those that do not know what a Bestfit catalog is (like I didn't) it is an encyclopedia of watch and clock parts that jewelers would use to order repair parts for clocks and watches. The part numbers shown here are probably not Benrus part numbers? But numbers assigned and stocked by Bestfit??

I will type out the descriptions for the search engines and I will also include the page images in case I did not explain things properly so they can be seen in the original format. If anyone finds a bunch of these parts lying around in their warehouse and wants to sell them cheap I am interested. Probably will never use them but I will have them on hand if I or someone else needs them.

First will be the DK14 first series movement from page 19

Calibre                                      Dk
Linge                                      19
Movement interchangeability       BM-AS-690
Illustration page                               169
Movement Identification details       Auto-clock
200 stem NO                                     1036F
72S PAL ARB                                     307P
82S roller                                     282R
Hand                                                 83H
MSPG DENNISON            34X5X24

Page from the Bestfit catalog

The next section shows illustrations of the parts and the numbers next to them refer to a dictionary on page 157 to the right are the descriptions given if any. Refer to the image for additional information.

Benrus DK Automobile clock

495/1* Screw gib
775 brake spring
1141 lever edge for auto device
1142 upper edge for auto device
1143 Oscillating. weight
1427 impulse click
1428 stop click
1448 stop click spring
1464 stop click lid
1480 Winding up wheel
1481 Reduction gear
1482 driving gear
1483 brequet pinion
1489 pawl winding wheel
1496 Oscillating weight axle
1502 Oscillating weight bearing
5495 screw
51146 screw
51427 screw
51464 screw
51466 screw
51530 screw

Then the following parts are listed under the Benrus FA Automobile clock
51143 screw
51341 screw
51496 screw
775 Bridle
1142 upper edge for auto device
1143 oscillating weight
1146 oscillating weight segment
1341/1 oscillating weight bearing plate mounting
1488 pawl winding wheel complete
1496 oscillating weight axle (I believe that this is the part that gets broken if the weight is not removed during shipping?)
51142 screw

Page from the Bestfit catalog

In all of the years I have been collecting Steering wheel clocks I have yet to find any NOS parts for them, but then I do not go through old inventory from watch repair shops. If any old repair shops have parts or even a parts clock lying around I would love to buy them for you. Of course I would like any additional literature or information about them and complete clocks also.

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If you have additional information, images or literature you would like to share I will add it to the webpage during a future update. Also if you have any of these clocks for sale I am a buyer or may be able to help you find a buyer
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